Auto window tinting in North Yorkshire

If you're considering car window tinting to improve the appearance of your vehicle, safety, comfort or the privacy of passengers then at SunGuard Window Tinting we have premises located near Thirsk . We operate throughout the North Yorkshire area covering all aspects of window tinting including car window tinting, conservatory window tinting and safety tinting. We use specialist safety film to perform our window tinting.


SunGuard Window Tinting has been established for over 8 years in Banbury and have recently begun to offer the service in North Yorkshire from our premises near Topcliffe. We have developed an excellent reputation across the Banbury and Oxford area, based on our commitment to quality, value and customer satisfaction. Whether it's your car windows that are to be tinted or a whole conservatory that you'd like done, you can rely on us for efficient work and friendly, knowledgeable staff.

All Sunguard films are designed to keep your car looking hot while you stay cool. With varying degrees of solar control properties, select Sunguard window films can reject up to 65% of total solar energy (the combination of factors from the sun and heat that make you sweat. Plus it will help cut annoying glare out of your driving experience. Reducing intense bright spots on Sunny days and blinding headlights during night drives.
Drive Comfortably
Sunguard has one of the broadest lines of automotive films on the market, there's a perfect film for every car. Dark Light, reflective or matte, we've got what it takes to put your car on the road in style. Plus with Sunguards superior choice of films and installation you don't need to worry about unsightly bubbling, peeling cracking or discolouring. Ask your dealer about the manufacturer's warranty that guarantees the appearance of your film.
Drive Stylishly
Believe it or not ultraviolet light can have a tremendous effect on your skin, even just from exposure in your car. All Sungard Films reject almost 100% of dangerous UV light from your windows, helping to keep your skin safe and the interior of your car better protected from fading and heat damage. Plus while not specifically designed as a safety product, the adhesive from the automotive window film helps keep broken glass intact once shattered. This means it's less likely to become airborne and fly into your car in the event of an accident or other breakage incident.
Drive Safely
Protect yourself and your interior against unwanted onlookers. Sunguard can provide films that provide maximum privacy at optimal visibility. The benefits of safety film has been proven. Protect yourself and your passengers. Our Films provide certified all-round protection for vehicle glazing.

Safety film provides reliable protection against vandalism, breakins and injury against broken glass. Choose our films for your safety and the safety of your belongings.

Optimal glass chip protection.
Protection against break-ins and vandalism.
Privacy and Safety